Sarah Rivett-Carnac

Creating is what I have always liked to do, whether in the garden or on canvas. Following a career as a jewellery designer, I joined part time classes at Heatherley’s School of Fine Art in London, under Danny Cuming and continue today with Sarah Jane Moon. I paint predominantly in oils, but am exploring new media and techniques.

My latest work is inspired by the landscapes around me, either in my childhood Perthshire home or in the countryside of the west of England and London. I find trees, woodland and farmland particularly appealing, but also like to approach life drawing and still life in a bold manner veering towards the abstract.

Plants and flowers have always been an important part of my life. Visiting famous gardens with my mother and learning the Latin names from her and wandering on the farm in Scotland surrounded by wildflowers and nature. When creating our garden in North Wiltshire I have allowed as much of nature in as possible while using plants to design a space filled with colour and variety, balancing formality and informality. This means that I have a profusion of flowers and plants which have become a major source of inspiration for my creativity. The studio has become full of pressed and dried flowers, which I’m now using to create delicate flower collages.

Garden visits by appointment in aid of The Simon Rivett-Carnac Trust for mental health.

Please contact me for more information.